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Welcome to Shipperville

sharing the love

Smallville Multi-Shippers
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Community for SV multi-shippers

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This is a community for multi-shippers of the CW's hit show SMALLVILLE.

If you love Smallville & ship multiple pairings then why not join us?
Want to make a public introduction entry to the community? then feel free to fill out this form to tell us about yourself.
Know a SV multi-shipper? please send them this way!! Threesomes & x-overs with other fandoms are welcome too!

Basically this is a safe haven for SV shippers to show & share their love with other fans without a ship war breaking out :)
More importantly it is about making new friends within the SV fandom.
Our Motto: "We ship & let ship!"
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#1. Be respectful & considerate to other fans when posting.
#2. No spamming, flames, trolling, in the community.
#3. Don't harass the members here or in their own LJ.
#4. Bashing, anti/hate posts/comments won't be tolerated EVER period!
#5. Use LJ-cuts for spoilers, big pics, long entries of text, arts & adult content.
#6. Avoid arguments & 'touchy' topics, trouble makers are not welcome.
#7. This comm is strictly "PRO" all SV characters
#8. Advertising any sites, comms, forums that relate to a SV ship(s) is allowed.
#9. Mark entries with a "Not-Work-Safe" warning when posting adult content.
#10. Break the rules earns you 1 warning, continue to ignore the rules you'll be banned.

Play nice & have fun!

Wanna affiliate with us? just send a message to one of the maintainers/mods.

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